About Us

Hudzilla Games is a UK-based studio that makes family-friendly games for a variety of platforms so you can play wherever you feel most comfortable.

Our goals are pretty simple:

  • Make games safe for everyone That means no violence, no sex, no drugs, and indeed nothing that you wouldn't be happy letting your six-year-old play. We think games can be fun without them.


  • Charge a fair price We're not looking to make a big pile of cash from our work, so we ask for just enough to make our costs back. That usually means a price of just US $0.99 / £0.59 for a game.


  • Give back to the community We're big open source fans, and that means we give away our source code where possible so that Linux users can benefit from our work. As a side benefit, we usually manage to get things going on Windows and Mac as well!


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