Brain Party for iPhone

Looking for a great way to keep your brain in shape? Brain Party is a puzzle-solving, brain-stretching game that comes with 37 minigames designed to push your brain to its limits, testing memory, logic, mathematics, reactions and more.

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Brain Party is split into two main modes: test mode gives you five random games to measure your general brain power, whereas practise mode lets you play your favourite games as often as you want.

As you play, more minigames are unlocked and Brain Party automatically tracks your test results so you can monitor your progress over time. If you do really well, you can unlock secret games and a whole new game mode designed to keep you playing and enjoying your favourite games even longer.

All the games in Brain Party are family safe and fun for all ages - here's the full list: Balloon Blaster, Bomb Hunt, BP Says, Bubble Trouble, Card Match, Connex, Cups 'n' Balls, Dice Off, Flash Counting, Flashlight, IQ Test, Jewel Flip, Jewel Jam, Marble Drop, Memoryblox, Memory Box, Memory Maths, Mine Sweep, Moon Jump, Next in Line, Number Snake, Odd One Out, Patch Match, Perfect Paths, Route Finder, Rock Paper Scissors, Scrambled!, Set Finder, Sharpshooter, Short Sudoku, Shuffle Puzzler, Stranger Danger, Symbolic Logic, Teeter Totter, Under the Hat, Untangler and Word Smash.

Where else can you get so many games for such a low price? Brain Party lets you train your brain and have fun at the same time!


User reviews

"Very challenging and the most fun I've had for a buck! Everyone who likes this sort of game should give it a try, and anyone who isn't familiar with this sort of game should take a crack at it." - AppFiesta

"Excellent value compilation of minigames, some of which are worth 59p in their own right."

"Great brain workout & fun- very addictive too!"

"It's the best brain training game available"

"A bargain that will keep you entertained for endless hours!"

"If you buy one puzzle game, then get this one."

"Lots of fun mini-games, which are all fiendishly addictive. Awesome!"


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Brain Party for iPhone and iPod Touch is available to buy on the App Store for just US $0.99 / UK £0.59 - click here to buy it now!

Alternatively, you can download a free demo of Brain Party that includes five minigames to give you a taste of what the full game is like.



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