Brain Party for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile isn't perhaps the coolest kid in town, but we think it deserves some Brain Party love anyway, so we've designed a special version from scratch to help you boost your memory, logic, analysis and computational skills while having fun. As you play through brain tests, you''ll unlock more and more minigames to play in the practise screen, giving you the chance to hone your skills and get the best scores.

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Don't bother with other games that promise a handful of simplistic minigames - Brain Party has 27 of the coolest games around, including:

  • Jewel Jam
  • Bomb Hunt
  • Memoryblox
  • Number Snake
  • Untangler
  • Scrambed!
  • Short-circuit Sudoku
  • And more!

It also contains a six more secret minigames, but you'll have to play the game to find out what they are!



  • Brain Test mode that chooses five games at random to test your brain
  • Results screen that graphs your progress over time
  • Practise mode that gives you instant access to all the games you've unlocked
  • 27 minigames to play, plus more secrets to unlock!
  • Brain weight awards for every minigame - can you get the coveted Platinum Star?
  • Built-in help with hints and tips for every minigame


Buy it now!

Brain Party for Windows Mobile is available to buy direct from Handango for just US $0.99 / UK £0.59. Your device should be at least run Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC; Windows Mobile 6 Professional or 6.1 Professional is preferred. You'll also need a QVGA screen - that's 320x240 in English.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your brain today!

Important note: If you're running Windows Mobile 5, you may need to install a system update for Brain Party to work. If you find the program doesn't run, please download and install the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable, available here. This is not not required if you are using Windows Mobile 6 or newer.



Brain Party Brain weight Connex
Flash Counting Test history Jewel Jam
Brain Test Memoryblox Memory Maths
Odd One Out Jewel Flip Perfect Paths
The Professor Symbolic Logic Untangler