If you're looking for a fast and efficient flash card app, you've found it: Flashzilla has been designed for maximum performance for language learners, so you can add tens of thousands of words and it won't mind, and neither will it waste your precious time with complicated user interfaces or annoying animations.

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To help ensure you learn words efficiently, Flashzilla uses a unique spaced repetition system (SRS) to ensure that words appear more frequently if you find them harder. You can also mark words as Uncertain if you want more chances to practise them.

Flashzilla lets you search through your entire flashcard collection in a split second, searching both source and target language at the same time. It also allows you store a full range of international Unicode symbols such Chinese, Japanese, German or Hungarian characters.

If you want to vary your tests, Flashzilla can mix up your collection either randomly, chronologically or by difficulty. You can also enable Reverse Mode to be prompted using your target language, which is something we find surprisingly challenging!

And that's it. Flashzilla was designed to be a super-simple, lightning-fast flashcard program for language learners, so if you have tried other apps and found them too slow, too annoying with pointless animations, or too cluttered with cruft, Flashzilla will be perfect for you.


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Flashzilla is available for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store for just US $0.99 / UK £0.59 - click here to buy it now!